MASH: The Movie

The Region 1 DVD transfer is pretty dark and grainy. Tried to lighten up some of the caps but as you can see, there's only so much you can do without reducing the overall image quality. I still have the larger 1024x576 caps if anyone wants them to play with.

mash0_003 mash0_038 mash0_054 mash0_086 mash0_116
mash0_141 mash0_150 mash0_158 mash0_197 mash0_229
mash0_253 mash0_257 mash0_259 mash0_292 mash0_320
mash0_328 mash0_337 mash0_405 mash0_435 mash0_448
mash0_480 mash0_487 mash0_524 mash0_528 mash0_551
mash0_570 mash0_601 mash0_611 mash0_622 mash0_644
mash0_658 mash0_730 mash0_806 mash0_820 mash0_835
mash0_839 mash0_844 mash0_885 mash0_891 mash0_896
mash0_898 mash0_904 mash0_975 mash1_008 mash1_041
mash1_045 mash1_051 mash1_108 mash1_117 mash1_136
mash1_159 mash1_171 mash1_173 mash1_238 mash1_249
mash1_261 mash1_267 mash1_270 mash1_286 mash1_365
mash1_431 mash1_460 mash1_472 mash1_479 mash1_522
mash1_541 mash1_570 mash1_602 mash1_620 mash1_697
mash1_742 mash1_783 mash1_808 mash1_814 mash1_829
mash1_831 mash1_856 mash1_864 mash2_020 mash2_051
mash2_104 mash2_151 mash2_157 mash2_165 mash2_184
mash2_222 mash2_234 mash2_255 mash2_263 mash2_283
mash2_286 mash2_293 mash2_306 mash2_309 mash2_339
mash2_361 mash2_369 mash2_424 mash2_553 mash2_585
mash2_652 mash2_662 mash2_711 mash2_771 mash2_799
mash2_837 mash2_850 mash2_864 mash2_895 mash2_912
mash3_022 mash3_035 mash3_059 mash3_074 mash3_108
mash3_112 mash3_143 mash3_156 mash3_202 mash3_227
mash3_238 mash3_278 mash3_306 mash3_361 mash3_416
mash3_428 mash3_432 mash3_463 mash3_494 mash3_498
mash3_524 mash3_578 mash3_586 mash3_636 mash3_654
mash3_679 mash3_702 mash3_704 mash3_728 mash3_867
mash3_887 mash3_902 mash3_930 mash3_931 mash3_932