On Your Way Out?

Know of a good site I missed? Email me. :)


Rob Kelly re-watched and reviewed the entire series, one episode a day. Fascinating observations and trivia.

Kevin Levine's blog
Emmy winning writer/director/producer. Lots of interesting behind-the-scenes stories about his various projects, including M*A*S*H.

LJ Communities & Discussion Groups

Ultimate M*A*S*H
The main M*A*S*H community on Livejournal.

4077th Watch
A community of people watching through the entire series of M*A*S*H. Very friendly group. Just restarted with season one, please come join us.

Weekly icon challenge community.

Dear Reader...
Main M*A*S*H fan-fiction group on LJ.

M*A*S*H Slash
Exactly what is says on the tin. :) All slash pairings welcome.

M*A*S*H Icons
More truth in advertising. M*A*S*H icons of all styles and designs.

General M*A*S*H Websites

Lots and lots of good quality screen captures. Updated fairly frequently.

Best Care Anywhere
One of the oldest (if not the oldest) M*A*S*H site on the internet.

Finest Kind
Celebrating it's 10 year anniversary this year. :)

Helmi's M*A*S*H Homepage
Available in English and German.


Mulcahy's War
Official Father Mulcahy fanlisting.

A Priest in Korea: A M*A*S*H Appreciation Page
The site hasn’t been updated since 2003 but it was the first Mulcahy tribute I ever found of the net.