Mulcahy: (dabbing at his bleeding lip) In my younger days I would have eaten that punk with a spoon!
Potter: Don't try to talk, your mouth got you into this.

- Another Saturday Night (1x18), AfterMash

Unfortunately for fans, AfterMASH isn't yet (*crosses fingers*) available on DVD. And the copy I have access to isn't really good enough for screen captures. Stills look like this at their best:

Mulcahy - tympanoplasty
Mulcahy - camera
Mulcahy - confession
Mulcahy - court

Oh and for the curious, I did a little digging into the operation Mulcahy receives during the pilot. Dr. Pfeffier says he got a " tympanoplasty", which apparently was introduced in the 1950s to restore hearing to those with severely perforated eardrums. The timing is a bit off (saw mention of the operation being successful in 1957), but there was some realism there (even if it does still feel like a bit of a cop-out). I also saw a lot of mentions of the operation eventually failing (due to eczema, the eardrum re-rupturing, atrophy of the graft, etc) so it's possible Mulcahy's hearing went away again. It's also possible Mulcahy was one of the lucky ones. Will have to do more research.

Episode guide and more coming soon. :)